Erik Maas joined Twinlog on September 1st, 2003. He has worked together with Vincent Wiers at Twinlog for 11 years. Erik and Vincent met in 1999 as colleagues at Cap Gemini. Vincent joined Erik at a project for Hoogovens to select an APS tool. When the selection had been completed, Erik and Vincent joined a team of SAP consultants, to ensure the successful implementation of the selected APS. It was a difficult project full of challenges, but the APS was eventually implemented and still is in use. Contrarily, the SAP project was cancelled after the merge with Corus in 2000.

Erik and Vincent became friends, and Vincent left Cap Gemini to work at another consultancy firm. In 2002, he started considering to found a consultancy company to support the implementation of APS systems. This company materialized in January 2003 as VCS Consulting, and Vincent invited Erik to join him. Erik agreed with one condition – to change the company’s name, as VCS are Vincent’s initials. VCS Consulting was therefore renamed to Twinlog, representing the two professionals with a passion for logistics.

Erik quickly specialized in the Quintiq Company Planner product, which is a tool for Order Acceptance, Capacity Planning and Material Reservation. It is a powerful tool, where the implementation requires much effort and discipline from customers. Erik was a master in getting complex projects to a successful end – both on the technical side and the change management side. He has done many projects for key customers of Quintiq, while continuously bringing the product to a next level and pushing the technical limits of the software.

The partnership with Erik ended abruptly on the 17th of July, 2014. On that date, we received the terrible news that Erik was on MH17 for a holiday trip to Bali. The loss of Erik cannot be described in words. Erik was an excellent consultant, a good friend, a fantastic partner. On the 19th of August, a memorial session for Erik was held in the Verkadefabriek in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

The memory of Erik will always be with us. Goodbye, partner.

"Plans are nothing; planning is everything."
- Dwight D. Eisenhower